Netgear Router Login is the default IP Address used for the configuration of the Netgear router. With the help of this address, you can configure the router to its default setting, login into the router and enjoy the hassle-free internet services. You can also login to the internet remotely if you want to manage the wifi network while you are away. Here, we will show both ways of Netgear Router login, locally and remotely.

Netgear Router Login: Let’s Get Started!

  • Use the network cable, attach its one end to the ‘Port 1’ present on the backside of Netgear Router. 
  • Connect the other end of the network cable to ‘RJ45/Network Port’ available on your computer and laptop. 
  • Make sure that your computer and laptop are powered on, booted up and in a ready state. 
  • Insert the power cord to the backside Netgear Router, and AC Adapter to working power outlet. 
  • Let the router power-up, it will take approximately 3 minutes until the router login Netgear is all set to operate. 

  This way, you can connect directly to the Netgear Wireless Router. If you desire to login wirelessly, then proceed to the next section.

Netgear Router login & Router Reset

If you have already configured your Netgear Router, you can simply check the Netgear Router login box by opening a web browser in your system and typing the internal IP Address of the router. 

  • On your system, open any web browser. 
  • In the URL box, type the IP address of the router. By default, the IP address of the Netgear Router is login Netgear. The log in box display in front of you. 
  • In the screen prompted, enter the router default username and password. The default username must be ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘password’. 

In case, you have changed the default settings, and you want to gain access to your router again, reset the router. Reset the device back to its default factory settings.

Netgear Router Login: Remote Login 

If you want to access the Netgear login router remotely over the network, you need to set up the wireless router for providing access through one of its ports from outside the router’s firewall. 

Once you have logged in to the Router, and view the basic setup and configuration screen. 

  • Choose ‘Advanced’ option and select ‘Remote Management’. 
  • Put a check in the box present next to ‘Remote Management On’. This will enable Remote Management. 
  • Under this section, choose either from ‘IP Address Range’,‘Only This Computer’, or ‘Everyone’, giving either a single computer, or any computer, or group of the computer a login ability, and execute the duties of remote management. 
  • Leave the Port Number selection at its default port assignment. 
  • Access the default login box of Netgear Router from another PC over the network simple just by opening a web browser and typing the IP address of routers external wall followed by a colon and port number. 

That’s It! This is how you can complete the Netgear Router Login in different ways.